Below is a list of my current research projects. For past projects, see my CV.

Title: Refining and Testing Methods for Identifying and Quantifying Gaseous Oxidized Mercury in Air
Duration: July 2017 – June 2020
Co-PIs: Mae Gustin, Seth Lyman (Utah State University)
Funding: National Science Foundation

Title: Algae from Waste Waters as a Sustainable Protein Source: Fate of Heavy Metals
Duration: July 2019 – June 2022
Co-PIs: Sage Hiibel, Mae Gustin
Funding: United States Department of Agriculture

Title: Study of the Biochemical Mechanisms by which Mercury is Sequestered in Plants
Duration: July 2019 – June 2022
Co-PIs: Won-Gyu Choi, Mae Gustin, Jeffrey Harper
Funding: Hatch

Title: Examining the impact of methylmercury on waterfowl population dynamics
Duration: July 2020 – June 2023
Co-PIs: Perry Williams, Mae Gustin, Chris Nicolai
Funding: Hatch