Congratulations Addie, Maggie & Sam!

The Gustin lab is proud to have 3 2020 graduates: Adriel Luippold (M.S.), Margarita Vargas Estrada (B.S.), and Samantha Leftwich (B.S.). Job well done, ladies!

September 2019

This month my collaborators and I presented our research at the 14th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant.

Talks will include:

  • Testing methods for quantification and identification of reactive mercury compounds
  • Development of an automated method for measurement of gaseous oxidized mercury
  • Measurement and understanding GOM concentrations and chemistry from sites in Utah, Hawaii, Maryland, and Nevada, USA
  • An integrated system for accurate, independently verified measurements of oxidized mercury
  • Reactive mercury speciation and dry deposition during AMDEs in the Arctic

Posters will include:

  • Mercury is a global contaminant in commercial cat and dog foods
  • Introducing UNRRMAS­­ 2.0: Improvements for quantification and identification of atmospheric reactive mercury
  • Ozone may not be an important oxidant of atmospheric mercury

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